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Japenese Ritual Towels

Pack of 2 100 cotton cleansing towels

2 serviettes

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Magic sponge applicator

1 éponge

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Magic sponge applicator

1 éponge

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Purifying routine

Purified and rebalanced skin

150 ml + 30 ml + 5ml

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Anti-blemish routine

Purified and matified skin

150 ml + 10 ml + 5ml

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[ MYSTERIOUS Replumper ] SET

Magical anti-aging ritual for smoother & firmer skin

30 ml + 10 ml

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[ Bal MASQUÉ des Sorciers ] Lifting

Lifting, Moisturizing, Plumping High-Tech Mask

50 ml

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[ Bal MASQUÉ des Sorciers ] Purifying

Purifying, Oxygenating, Glow High-Tech Mask

40 gr

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[ Bal MASQUÉ des Sorciers ] Self-Tanning

Self-tanning, Stress-relieving High-Tech Night Mask

50 ml

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15 ml

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Bewitching ritual

A moisturizing & anti-wrinkle routine

40 ml + 30 ml + 50 ml

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Detox routine

Purified and radiant skin

150 ml + 40 gr + 5ml

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Which facial care products should I use according to my skin type?

Each skin type and each problem has its own facial care.

Mature skin

Mature skin needs very special care. That's why Laboratoire Garancia has developed a range of anti-aging products called Mysterious that works on wrinkles, bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Its magic formula? A patented active ingredient: the Peptide of Snake Venom.

In addition, use a lifting mask Le Bal Masqué Des Sorciers Liftant, to firm, nourish and plump your skin.

If your mature skin is prone to redness or brown spots, adopt the Que Mes Rougeurs Disparaissent and Eclair de Lune ranges. These multi-action skin care rituals will help you regain an even and fresh complexion.

Dry skin

Dry skin needs to be well moisturized, which is why the Diabolic line is made for you! A range composed of an ultra-moisturizing face care Diabolique Tomate Enrichie, which takes effect in 24 hours, and Diabolique Glaçon, a plumping gel for moisturized and plumped up skin.

Oily skin

An oily skin is often accompanied by multiple problems: imperfections, blackheads, dilated pores... The Laboratory Garancia answers these needs with multiple care for the face in the Marabou range. But also Pschitt Magic, In Two Shakes of Wand, Enchanting Micellar Water, facial care that will clean your skin in depth.

Specializing in facial care, Laboratoire Garancia creates products dedicated to all skin types and all concerns. Its secret? Combine the power of patented high-tech active ingredients with botanical extracts in a healthy, effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly cosmetic. Formulas that bewitch and enchant those who try them!