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Express anti-cellulite cryo-crackling body foam

400 ml

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[ Fée-Moi FONDRE La NUIT ]

Anti-cellulite cryo-crackling body foam

400 ml

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Self-Tanning, Moisturising Crackling body foam

200 ml

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Fée-moi Fondre slimming creams

It's time to (re)find confidence in yourself. Combining effectiveness and sensoriality, Garancia has created care with innovative textures.

The slimming cream Fée-moi Fondre

Garancia is revolutionizing slimming by bringing its unique expertise to the world of cosmetics. A clever combination of science and botanical magic that we find in a foam crackling with a unique scent.

Fée-Moi Fondre is an anti-cellulite care with actions :

  • slimming
  • firming
  • draining

Slimming finally rhymes with pleasure!

Fée-Moi Fondre La Nuit : the nightly ritual

At night, sugar and fatty acids are stored intensely in our body and we produce cellulite. The Laboratoire Garancia innovates and launches the first foam crackling active the night: Fée-moi Fondre La Nuit. A slimming ritual night to sculpt a perfect body - a perfect complement to Fée-moi Fondre applied in the morning.

This slimming treatment helps to lose weight, fight orange peel skin and get rid of fat cells. Sleep peacefully and slim down effectively!

The assets thinness of the Fée-moi Fondre range

The potion thinness of the Laboratoire Garancia contains in particular:

  • Silicon grafted firming
  • Succinic acid
  • Maté leaves
  • Leaves of Stevia
  • Beet

Insomnight© is a cocktail of botanical extracts combined with a draining Esculin derivative, which helps the body shed unwanted pounds.

How to apply your Fée-Moi Fondre slimming cream

Fée-moi Fondre creams have a unique foamy texture.

Shake the bottle well before use. Turn the bottle upside down and press to release the foam. Apply to the areas to be treated, using one squeeze per area.

Fée-Moi Dorer self-tanning body lotion

Fée-moi Dorer is a self-tanner suitable for all skin types. Whatever your skin tone, your skin will tan naturally and evenly.

It is recommended to make a body scrub with the Pschitt Magique Body, before applying the self-tanning care.

Shake energetically then turn the bottle upside down to deposit the Fée-moi Dorer self-tanning mousse on the glove. Apply in small, circular, regular movements, from the feet to the bust. Let dry for 5 minutes, wash your hands and voilà!

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