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15 ml

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Anti-Aging Serum Immortal Express Shot MG6P

Energizing Serum Anti-Aging Booster

15 ml

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Immortal Express Shot Serums

The anti-aging serums in the Immortal Express Shot line have complementary, ultra-targeted actions that are essential for the skin's youthful appearance.

They can be combined for greater effectiveness or used alone by alternating them with each express anti-aging treatment. In just 15 days, they will both renew and energize your cells. They are real anti-aging boosters!

Immortal Express Shot EGF: cell activating serum

Immortal Express Shot EGF is an anti-aging serum that accelerates cell and tissue renewal. It visibly reduces the effects of skin aging and contains dragon's blood extracts that act as a botanical dressing. It is also a stimulator of production of collagen and elastin.

Garancia introduced in its formula a EGF (factors of epidermal growth) manufactured by not genetically modified plants. Its high purity of 97% allows to maintain a maximum effectiveness.

Immortal Express Shot : energizing serum MG6P

Immortal Express Shot MG6P reduces the depth of wrinkles. It contains patented MG6P molecules that are sources of pre-activated bioenergy for the skin.

This boosted serum has the same result as a first collagen injection, in only 5 days. Magic, you have been warned!

How to use anti-aging skin care products?

The Immortal Express Shot line of products should be used as a 15-day treatment. They are perfect for a change of season or after a dermatological procedure. The combination of the two gives a beneficial synergy for your skin.

Apply these anti-aging serums morning and night for 2 weeks. For an optimal effect, use the Mysterious Anti-Aging range as a background treatment after your Immortal Express Shot treatment. If you wish, you can dissociate the two products and apply one of these serums in addition to a day cream.