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Anti-Imperfections, Anti-aging Concentrated serum

15 ml

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Purifying, Cleansing, Anti-Imperfections paste

150 ml

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Anti-Imperfections Ritual

Objective box 0 pimple

15 ml + 30 gr

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Marabou-T, Roll-on S.O.S imperfections Zone T

10 ml

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Rebalancing evanescent jelly

30 ml

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Repairing, Anti-Aging, Mattifying, Complexion perfector BB Cream

30 ml

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Repairing, Anti-Aging, Mattifying, Complexion perfector BB Cream

30 ml

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7 Days Marabou Express Treatment

3-Steps beauty routine for skin with imperfections

30 gr + 5 ml + 10 ml

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Elixirs Super Duo Objective Zero Spots

5 ml + 5 ml

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[ L'ELIXIR DU MARABOUT ] - format découverte

Concentrated serum, anti-imperfections, anti-aging

5 ml

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The Marabou ritual

The Marabou range is a ritual dedicated to mixed to oily skin with imperfections. The care products complement each other to treat the skin in depth and provide it with all the active ingredients it needs. Let yourself be enchanted by Garancia's magic and regain a flawless complexion.

To clean

The Sulphurous Marabou Paste has an immediate effect on your skin. It tightens the dilated pores, dislodges the black spots and regulates the excess of sebum.

On contact with water, this mysterious paste transforms into a foam with magical powers. All that remains is to gently massage the face before rinsing.

To treat

Marabou Elixir is an anti-imperfection treatment that targets acne-prone skin. This concentrated serum has a result after 7 days of use on your skin.

5 drops on the face, morning and evening, on a cleaned skin. Insisting on the micro zones where imperfections are present.

To matify

Pearl of the Marabou matifies, moisturizes and smoothes the pores of the skin. This gel texture - without silicone - has a durable effect. A small dab of product is enough to treat the entire face.

To repair

The Thistle and the Marabou is a multi-action BB cream. Anti-aging, matifying and complexion perfecting, it repairs your skin. To suit all skin tones, this complexion cream comes in two shades: nude and golden.

To be used after a day cream, or alone, depending on your skin's needs.

The Marabou range from Laboratoire Garancia is a complete skincare ritual to restore a beautiful skin texture and reduce imperfections. Concentrated anti-imperfection serum with Elixir du Marabout, BB cream with treatment action... Find products designed entirely for problem skin.