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Eyelid and Eye Multi-Actions Roll-On Concealer

10 ml

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Eyelash booster care

2.5 ml

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Gallery of Curiosities - Anti-Fatigue Moisturizing Ritual

The 2 in 1 moisturizing and anti-fatigue set

40 gr + 30 ml + 3 ml

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Gallery of Curiosities - Healthy Glow Moisture Ritual

The 2 in 1 box for a flash hydration and an instant healthy glow !

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Reusable silicone eye patches


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Sublimated Look

A bright look

10 ml + 2.5 ml + 2 patchs

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[ PHANTOM'S TEARS ] travel size

Eyelid and Eye Multi-Actions Roll-On Concealer

3 ml

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What is the purpose of an eye contour cream?

Under conditions of stress, sleep disorders and fatigue, the skin around the eyes, so sensitive and fragile, is the first to be marked.

Over time, wrinkles can appear and the eyelids can become slack. Fortunately, our eye contour ritual helps keep skin looking young and smooth longer.

Phantom's Tears : eye contour care

Phantom's Tears is an eye contour treatment for sensitive, mature and dry skin.

This roll-on multi actions acts on the pockets under the eyes and the signs of tiredness. Its effects are multiple:

  • anti-dark circle
  • anti-aging
  • anti crow's feet
  • moisturizing
  • anti-sagging

At the heart of the formula: Lumineyeboost©. A unique combination of active ingredients and botanical extracts to boost cell renewal in the skin around the eyes.

Phoenix Tears: Lash Strengthener

Phoenix Tears promise to enhance lashes without damaging them. Imagine a natural, sensory and healthy care product that is incredibly effective! After 28 days of use, 85% of lashes are strengthened, 80% of lashes are more numerous and 75% of lashes are longer. Bewitching!

The Lashboost© complex is doubly patented. Its magical formula is based on the combination of 2 high-tech peptides and 4 minerals and vitamins:

  • Calcium + Zinc
  • Vitamin B5 + Biotin
  • Swertia Japonica, to stimulate microcirculation around the hair follicle and therefore lash growth
  • Serenoa serrulata, to fight against eyelash loss
  • Acacia senegal + Scleoritum gum, to coat the lashes

How to apply Phoenix Tears?

Shake the bottle energetically. After having carefully cleaned and removed your eyes, apply a line of product at the base of your lashes. Let dry for a few minutes before applying makeup. Make this part of your beauty routine, morning and night, for 3 to 4 months, for amazing results!