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Double serum Anti-Dark spots (visible & invisible), Corrector, Preventive

30 ml

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A complete anti-stain ritual

30 ml + 20 ml

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Anti-Blemish concentrate for Hands & Face

30 ml

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[ ÉCLAIR DE LUNE La Foudroyante ]

Anti dark spots milky cream


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The Moon Lightning range: anti-spot treatment

In addition to having an effective corrective action on your spots from 5 days, the anti-spot treatments in the Eclair range have a preventive action. You can therefore use it even if you have no visible marks.

Discover a complete ritual to reduce spots and prevent their appearance.

Moon Lightning The Absolute : anti-spot serum

Moon Lightning The Absolute is a dual anti-spot serum that corrects and prevents spots. It acts on visible and invisible spots. This innovative product is also anti-aging to reduce the appearance of the signs of aging. This highly sensorial treatment transforms the treatment of hyperpigmentation into a moment of pleasure.

Use morning and night on clean, makeup-free skin before applying the anti-spot concentrate.

Moon Lightning : anti-spot cream for face and hands

Moon Lightning is an anti-aging treatment to be applied to the face and hands. Indeed, brown spots appear on the most exposed areas. Thanks to the root extracts, the cream has an immediate effect. After application, your skin has a velvety feel.

The different types of spots

Melanogenesis is the process responsible for the natural pigmentation of the skin. This process can get out of control due to various factors, such as age, UV rays, blue light, pollution, stress and hormonal imbalances.

All these aggressions will cause uneven skin coloration, and therefore the formation of spots - more or less unsightly.

The mask of pregnancy

The mask of pregnancy is characterized by brown spots that appear during pregnancy. It is therefore essential to use a suitable sun cream during these few months.

Our double anti-spot serum Eclair de Lune l'Absolu will lighten your spots after 5 days.

Age spots and sun spots

What we call age spots are most often brown spots caused by the sun. They appear after the age of 40 or following prolonged exposure to the sun without adequate protection.

Invisible or developing spots

When the excess melanin has not yet reached the upper layers of the epidermis, the spot is there, but it is still invisible to the naked eye! This is when the second action of our Moon Lightning products comes into play.

The precious active ingredients contained in the formula of the double serum Eclair de Lune l'Absolu contain powerful antioxidants. They act in synergy to neutralize the oxidation cascades induced by all types of radiation (UV, blue light, IR), and limit the accelerated photoaging of the skin.

Spots on the hands

Melanogenesis can also affect the hands. That's why Garancia has created an anti-spot cream for hands and face to be applied after the double serum in order to nourish the skin and fight against the appearance of these spots.