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[ Bal MASQUÉ des Sorciers ] Self-Tanning

Self-tanning, Stress-relieving High-Tech Night Mask

50 ml

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[ Bal MASQUÉ des Sorciers ] Soothing

Nourishing, Soothing, Preventive High-Tech Mask

50 ml

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[ Bal MASQUÉ des Sorciers ] Purifying

Purifying, Oxygenating, Glow High-Tech Mask

40 gr

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Lifting, Moisturizing, Plumping High-Tech Mask

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LE JARDIN SECRET Multi-Masking Ritual


20 ml + 10 gr + 10 ml + 10 ml + 10 ml

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LE JARDIN SECRET Light & Youth Booster Ritual

The ideal ritual for a youthful looking complexion !

30 ml + 10 ml + 10 gr

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LE JARDIN SECRET Global Anti-Aging Ritual

The Global Anti-Aging Ritual that works effectively on all wrinkles, even expression !

30 ml + 5 ml + 10 ml

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Complete Beauty Ritual

30 ml + 10 gr + 5 ml + 6 ml + 15 ml

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A face mask for all skin types

Combination skin, oily skin, skin with imperfections, sensitive skin, mature skin, etc. Each skin type has its own mask.

The multimasking method, which comes from Japan, allows you to combine masks. On each specific area of the face, we apply the appropriate The Sorcerers' Masked Ball. A purifying mask on the nose, a lifting mask on the forehead and a soothing mask on the cheeks? It's up to you!

A face mask for each season

Because the needs of your skin vary throughout your life, the different masks from Laboratoire Garancia accompany you through the seasons and over the years.

The Sorcerers' Masked Ball Soothing : soothing mask

The Sorcerers' Masked Ball Soothing is a nourishing and preventive mask for the sensitive skins. It brings softness and comfort to dehydrated and sensitized faces. This High-Tech mask can also be applied before an intense sun exposure (mountain, beach) to protect the skin to the maximum.

The Sorcerers' Masked Ball Lifting: lifting mask

The Sorcerers' Masked Ball Lifting has a real tensor effect on mature skin. Its silk gel texture sheathes and smoothes the features. You can use it 1 to 2 times a week, according to the needs of your skin.

The Sorcerers' Masked Ball Purifying : purifying mask

Intended for combination to oily skin, the Sorcerers' Masked Ball Purifying has a self-foaming gel-cream texture. In contact with the air, the mask captures oxygen to infuse the skin with radiance and vitality.

Apply once a week, according to your skin's needs, to purify, oxygenate and stimulate microcirculation.

The Sorcerers' Masked Ball Self-Tanning : self-tanning night mask

The Sorcerers' Masked Ball Self-Tanning is a night mask with a healthy glow effect. The DHA associated with the vegetable sugars and the esters of Jojoba gives a natural tan. To obtain the desired tan, you just have to superimpose the layers, night after night. Thanks to its anti-transfer formula, you can sleep easy.

Before applying a self-tanning mask, consider exfoliating your face with Pschtt Magic New Skin. This grain-free micropeel gently exfoliates the skin and prepares it for skin care.