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Personal Data


Date of last update: 20 May 2018

Object of the last update : overhaul of the charter in full to fulfil the obligation of transparency for which provision is made by the European Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679).

Laboratoire Garancia respects your concerns concerning protection of your privacy and personal data.

This charter defines how Laboratoire Garancia uses your personal information when you use the Laboratoire Garancia website hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Website”, as well as when you interact with us (our “Services”). It allows you to be aware of the origin and use of browsing information collected using Cookies, as well as exercising your rights and options pursuant to applicable data protection legislation.

This charter is applicable to our website and services offered by Laboratoire Garancia and completes the “General Terms and Conditions of Sale” of the Website (as well as any document or information notice referring to this charter).


The processing manager is GARANCIA SAS, a simplified joint stock company entered on the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number B 479 752 321 0048 having its registered office at: 42, Rue Jean de la Fontaine, 75016 Paris, France (hereinafter referred to as “Laboratoire Garancia”).


Laboratoire Garancia collects several types of information concerning you:

Information that you send us directly.

We collect information which you send us directly when using the Website and our Services.

This is notably the case when you:

- Create an online account

- Subscribe to our loyalty program,

- We call you,

- You sign up to receive our emails,

- Participate in a prize draw, competition, promotion or survey,

- Communicate with us via third party social networks,

- Request customer assistance,

- Communicate with us in any other manner.

Communication of your personal data is voluntary. However, if you should not provide any information requested in whole or in part, we may not be able to provide you with certain products or services or information.

The categories of information we collect include:

- Identification and contact information (such as full name, date of birth, postal address, contact details) required for identification when you use one of our Services (e.g.: Online account creation),

- Transactional information required to deal with your order (articles selected, delivery and billing address, telephone number and email address, telephone number, payment method, including notably your card details and card holder when you make a payment online)

- Socio-demographic information (such as for instance your age, profession, gender, etc. indicated when you post a comment)

- Information about your skin type that you decide to share as part of using the online diagnosis tool

- Online order history information

- History of contact with us (we also store the history of our relations when you contact Customer Service or when you make a claim)

- The comments you post about products which you post on our website

Data that we request and which is essential to respond to your requests is identified by an asterisk or an equivalent process on data collection forms or indicated orally at the time of collection. If you do not complete the compulsory fields or send information notified as compulsory, we will not be able to respond to your requests.

During events that we organise, we may collect additional personal data in line with terms and conditions and for uses which are specially indicated on this occasion.

Information we collect automatically.

We automatically collect certain information concerning you when you access our Website, use or undertake a commercial transaction with us, notably:

- Login information: We collect information concerning the workstation from which you log in, as well as your use of the Website (such as the operating system, type of browser you use, use of a proxy or otherwise, location of the workstation from your IP address which identifies your computer, access times, pages visited, and the link which allows us to access our Website).

- Your browsing information (whether or not you are online): We may use cookies and other monitoring tools to collect your information when on our Website or with emails that we send you. This information allows us to understand your preferences for any type of product, as well as to analyse the way you interact with certain types of content. This information is collected when you log in and when you are not and may be collated, regardless of the workstation used. To find out more about cookies and the manner in which they can be disactivated, please consult the Garancia cookies policy.

- Geolocation information: When you are logged in using the mobile app and have activated the option, we collect information about your geolocation.

- Recording calls to Customer Service Moreover, in the event of calling one of our advisors, your conversations may be recorded for quality. You are informed of this by a pre-recorded message. You will always be offered other methods of contacting us, if you do not wish for your conversation to be recorded.

Moreover, in line with the data we already hold, some forms may already be completed.

Information we collect from partners and other sources

We are also likely to receive information about you from other sources and assimilate these to information we collect about you, such as:

- Information from local postal databases to check and update distribution addresses;

- Data sent by third party partners: This concerns information sent to us by third party partners with whom you have been in contact and who you have authorised to share your personal data with us for commercial prospection or targeted advertising. This concerns socio-demographic data (such as your socio-professional status, age bracket, gender), contact information (such as your email address, telephone number), profile information (such as your taste for a given product or service, your hobbies)

- Data sent by social networks: This concerns information which has been sent to us by social networks you used via our Website. Notably, when you share your experience concerning Laboratoire Garancia with other clients, you use a social network and send information to this social network and to us. This information is governed by the data protection policies of these social networks to whom you send the data.

Information concerning third parties

In certain cases, we may also be led to collect information which you provide concerning other people, for instance when you purchase a gift voucher for someone and request that this person receives the voucher electronically, when you decide to purchase and send products to someone, or when you take part in a game on our Website and invite friends to take part. We use said information to respond to your requests and never send marketing information to your contacts unless they choose to receive information from us.


We only collect personal data when we have a legal framework to do so.

Data collected as outlined below is undertaken as this data is:

1) Required to provide Services and place orders.

We use your data so as to manage contracts and Services subscribed and respond to our contractual obligations, and notably:

- Provide products and services which you requested online, process transactions and invoicing, undertake deliveries, including management of online fraud and payment means and default payments.

- Management of your online account and the loyalty program;

- Allow you to benefit from advantages of the Loyalty Program which you have subscribed,

- Manage your opinion about products;

- Any other current or future service pertaining to the Services entered in the pertaining general terms and conditions of use.


2) Required for our legitimate best interests

In this instance we ensure that we take due account of any potential impact that this may have on you and the users of the Website more widely. If we believe that your best interests or your fundamental rights and liberties exceed our best interests, we will not use your personal data on this basis and may request your consent.

Management of customer relations.

We ensure the management of our relations with you by updating a database which includes existing and potential clients and allows us to proactively manage our loyalty program.

To allow you to freely browse the Website and improve the user experience. More widely, you can browse on the Website without needing to send us data allowing you to be identified. However, your browsing information is automatically collected (see the section entitled “Information we collect automatically” to guarantee the security of the Website and customise the online user experience.

Customisation of websites and applications and advertising in line with your preferences. Notwithstanding any other options by you (to exercise your choices, consult the Garancia cookies policy), we monitor and analyse your habits, uses and activity (including via the combination of your data collected in the framework of the Website with that collected during use of our Services) so as to establish user profiles, display you or send targeted advertising and to customise our websites and applications, including using technologies which install cookies on your workstation or in emails we send to you.

Data combination. We associate and combine your personal data collected online and offline with your account data when you have an account or are subscribed to the loyalty program or use any of our Services.

Performing studies and statistics.

We also use information collected for studies and statistics, after having made these anonymous or, in all instances, having implemented processes intended to prevent the reallocation of data to a given person.


Outside of these instances, data is also collected on the basis of your consent, for instance when you complete the contact form, send us a claim or subscribe to a newsletter, when you post a comment) or when such consent is required by law (for instance to send you an email or SMS for partner offers or in the framework of use of cookies for targeted advertising), which allows us to:

Guarantee an effective Customer Service.

We use your data so as to communicate with you, manage your subscriptions to our newsletters and answer questions, and handle claims (Customer Service). If you call, Laboratoire Garancia records conversations so as to handle claims for further investigation.

Communicate with you about products, services, offers, promotions, advantages and events and send you information which may be of interest.

We collect and process your personal data as an extension of our legitimate interest to manage and coordinate, in a dynamic manner, commercial relations, to promote our commercial image and inform people about our products and services, including promotion of adapted services for your location, to perform consumer surveys and market surveys. Offers may also concern third party products or services. We may also share some information with our commercial partners for commercial canvassing. If, in general, you do not wish for such use of your personal information, simply contact us in line with the terms and conditions outlined under the section entitled What are your options in terms of promotional communication?

Important information concerning processing undertaken for prevention and management of payment incidents

As part of the fight against online fraud, information pertaining to your order, as well as information pertaining to the workstation on which the order is placed (notably the operating system used, the location of the machine, the use of a proxy or otherwise) is collected automatically with your consent and used to analyse your transactions so as to detect fraud and prevent payment defaults. It may also be sent to any third parties authorised by law or appointed by LABORATOIRE GARANCIA solely for verification of the identity of the Buyer, validity of the order, the payment and delivery methods used. You can refuse to grant consent or withdraw your consent at any time in line with the terms and conditions indicated in the Cookies notice in this charter. However, in the event of refusal of our use of cookies for the security of transactions, your order may not be automatically approved and need to be approved manually An identity document may be requested so as to approve your order.

For any question concerning inspections or in the event of your account being blocked, we invite you to contact Customer Service (see the section entitled Contact Us).

We do not use personal information for any purposes which are incompatible with those for which the information was collected, unless this has been subsequently approved by you.


3) Required to comply with our legal obligations.

Some data is also stored so as to respond to our legal obligations and defend our legitimate interests in the event of any dispute or legal action.


Your personal information is stored for as long as you are a client.

More widely, your data is stored for the amount of time you are a client with us, increased by three years at the end of our relations, and is then archived so as to fulfil our legal obligations or for investigation or is anonymised for studies and statistics.

We do however store some information after deletion of your account where such storage is required by law, or necessary to allow us to handle disputes and claims.

In some instances, we may store some of your data even if you delete your account, by way of a legal obligation, or if there is still a problem concerning the account, for instance, a debit balance or unresolved dispute or claim. In this instance, the information required to resolve the issue or dispute is stored for as long as the dispute lasts in the limit of rules applicable for time-stamping. Other data may be stored after processing intended to prevent re-allocation to a given person for studies and statistics.

Special cases:


Category of data concerned

Term of storage before deletion

Subscription to the newsletter

Information pertaining to your email address and options in terms of electronic canvassing

Until de-registration via your account or by the use of links

History of transactions

List of orders placed online and store (if you used your loyalty card)

For as long as the account is active, increased by a term of 3 years

Geographical locations

Real-time location when you have activated this service so as to propose products and services in line with your location

Lack of data storage

Payment for online orders

When you have opted for this information to be stored in your account for future purchases

Until deletion via your account or until the end of validity of the bank card

Proof of ID required to check the bank card holder

This document is destroyed once additional checks are undertaken and within a maximum of 24 hours

Website and Service security

Identification information, login information, including IP address

6 months

With whom do we share your data ?

We share your data where required to manage the Website and services.

In the framework of use of our Services, some of your information is sent to service providers and sub-contractors who intervene to manage the Website and provide you with the associated services as required. Consequently, your payment information is sent to our payment service providers and account holding banks as part of performance of transactions pertaining to your subscriptions, management of loyalty cards and management of marketing operations.

Subject to your consent, some data (contact details, profile) is shared with partners so as to send you bespoke offers.

Your details, hobbies, age or socio-professional category are shared in respect of your options with our commercial partners who are also likely to send you information concerning their products and services. This information may notably consist of offers concerning care samples, or other products sold by our partners. For instance, we are likely to provide some of your information to partners when you express your wish to participate in a competition or promotional operation around the launch of a new product. (To review your options, please consult the section entitled How to unsubscribe from newsletters, manage promotional communication and targeted advertising options? )

Your data is shared with our credit recovery partners, legal counsel, or third parties authorised by law, so as to recover our liabilities, manage disputes, prevent payment defaults and disputes.

We are also led to share your data with external legal counsel in the event of any dispute, with third parties, such as credit recovery firms, responsible for collecting unpaid amounts or in the framework of combating online fraud to third parties authorised by law or appointed by Laboratoire Garancia for the sole purpose of checking the identity of the buyer, the validity of the order, the payment and delivery method used.

Data is also shared with third parties when you use social buttons.

When you use the social buttons, your identification information is automatically sent to these social networks. You also have the option of sharing some information or content from our website on social networks. This use is governed by the terms and conditions of use of said social network which we invite you to consult.

Your personal data may also be shared in those instances not outlined hereinabove with your consent or in line with your instructions or when we are bound to by law. In such instance as the activities of Laboratoire Garancia in whole or in part are transferred, your Personal Data will be sent to the buyer so as to guarantee the continuity of Services and/or, notwithstanding other options made by you, for commercial canvassing.

How is your personal data security guaranteed ?

Your personal data is protected by technical and organisational measures which comply with French and European legislative and regulatory requirements, which guarantees their security and confidentiality.

In particular, Laboratoire Garancia uses protection technologies, such as encryption, authentication and fraud detection systems which protect your online account, as well as payment transactions.

Laboratoire Garancia ensures, pursuant to written commitments, that its service providers and sub-contractors present guarantees and implement sufficient security measures to protect personal data for which processing is conferred thereunto pursuant to requirements of data protection legislation.

We store your Personal Data in the European Union. Data we collect when you use our Site or Services is not transferred outside of the European Union.


What are your options concerning promotional communication ?

You have the option of joining our distribution lists and accepting to receive marketing and promotional information from us. You can change your mind concerning promotional communication options at any time by following the below steps.

If you have an account : Log in to your online account and change the settings under “Preferences”,

Contact Customer Service:

- By letter at the following address: Service Clients Laboratoire Garancia, 42 Rue Jean de la Fontaine 75016 Paris, France

- Or by calling 01 45 20 73 65 from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday (calls charged at local rate from France, or +33 1 45 20 73 65 from abroad).

- Or by email at : contact@garancia-beauty.com

Newsletter : If you have an account on our site, at any time you can modify your subscriptions to newsletters and unsubscribe by deselecting the corresponding box.

electronic communication : At any time you are also able to click on the unsubscribe links appearing in our promotional mails or by responding “STOP” to the SMS you have received

postal correspondence, at any time you can refuse to be contacted by us in line with the terms and conditions outlined under Contact Us.

telephone calls, at any time you can refuse to be called by contacting us in line with the terms and conditions outlined under Contact Us . You can also join the telephone canvassing red list named Bloctel (applicable if you do not have an account or loyalty card).

Even if you unsubscribe from promotional communications, it is possible that we continue to send you letters, calls and/or non-promotional emails, such as those concerning your account or pending transactions.


We may also use these by reconciling your browsing data using cookies with targeted advertising (for instance to display on third party websites, adverts which suit your profile or which we believe may interest you or for commercial switching when you read an email with a particular offer). This type of targeting is made possible by use of technologies of our partners to link browsing data of a single use on these Sites, social media platforms or third party sites and regardless of the workstation used.

• On social network platforms (for instance, Facebook, Instagram): You can refuse this processing at any time by changing publicity settings in your account

• On third party sites : You can refer to our Cookies policy to understand how to withdraw your consent.

Please note, refusing targeted publicity only means that you will no longer be a recipient of publicities for which you are specifically targeted. This will not affect or prevent the display or receipt of other types of non-targeted publicity.


Access and copies

You have a right to access and communication of your personal data. Before responding to your request, we are bound by law to check your identity. We may be led to request that you provide more information to respond to your request. We strive to follow up your request as soon as practically possible.

If you have a Garancia account, you can directly access data in your online account, the history of transactions, as well as your commercial canvassing choices.

This access also allows you to correct, amend or delete your identification data and details. In the event of deleting data, you will no longer be able to benefit from Services related to your online account or the loyalty program. You can, within the limits for which provision is made by laws, exercise your right to portability allowing you to reclaim, in an interoperable format, personal data which you have sent us in an automated manner at the time of account creation and/or subscription to our loyalty program.

If you cannot access your account or to access other data, contact us in line with the terms and conditions indicated under the Contact Us section below.

Modify incorrect personal data

You are also able to request the possibility of correcting your persona data which is incorrect ad limit processing during their correction. You are also entitled, according to the nature of processing, to request that personal data we hold be completed. We are, in this instance, likely to request supporting documentation.

If you cannot access your account or if data you wish to modify cannot be correct via account access, contact us in line with the terms and conditions indicated under the Contact Us section below.

Withdrawing your consent for personal data processing

Processing of your personal data rests on your consent (such as for example subscription to the newsletter, the issue of electronic commercial requests for services and products other than those which you have already subscribed, the use of similar cookies and technologies on this site), you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time.

This right can be exercised by modifying your options in terms of commercial canvassing and subscription to your newsletters, as well as by withdrawing your consent to the installation of cookies in line with the terms and conditions indicated in the Laboratoire Garancia Cookies Policy.

Request deletion of your personal data

You can also request deletion of your personal data in the following cases:

- You consider that our processing of your data is no longer necessary in light of the Services subscribed or your use of the Site, or performance of the objectives indicated in this policy or that their storage runs contrary to law.

- You have withdrawn your consent for data processing (see above)

- You object to processing of your persona data for reasons concerning your persona circumstances

- You object to use of your personal data for commercial canvassing

- Your data has been collected online even though you are a minor.

- You may alternatively, in the limits for which provision is made by law, request limitation of processing of your personal data.

Please note that notwithstanding exercising of your right to deletion or limitation, we are likely to store some data where law imposes or authorises us to do so, when we have legitimate grounds to do so (for instance to allow us to justify performance of a contract), to exercise defence of legal rights or when exercising these rights harms the freedom of expression and information. This is for instance the case if we believe that we have breached our General Terms and Conditions of Use or our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.


For any question pertaining to this data protection policy or any request concerning your personal data, you can contact:

- by letter to the following address: Service Clients Laboratoire Garancia, 42 Rue Jean de la Fontaine 75016 Paris, France

Or by calling 01 45 20 73 65 from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday (calls charged at local rate from France, or +33 1 45 20 73 65 from abroad).

Or by email at : contact@garancia-beauty.com

For France and where fundamental local provisions prevail, you can also define directives pertaining to what happens to your Personal Data after your death by writing us a letter with the title “Post mortem directives” and sent to the above address.


Important note: We are likely to chance this policy from time to time to reflect changes in our practices, to more clearly indicate our practices or respect regulations. In this instance, you will be notified by a message on this site inviting you to consult the update policy, as well as by any other appropriate means. If you are an account holder, you will also be informed by email or an account notification.


When you log in to our Website, we (or our partners) may be led, subject to your choices, to install various cookies on your Workstation allowing us to recognise which web browser you use during the term of validity of the Cookie concerned (your “Workstation”).

This page allows you to understand what a Cookie is, how we use it and the way you can make choices concerning Cookies.


A “Cookie” is a generic term which refers to a text file stored on a dedicated area of the workstation’s hard disc (e.g.: Computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) of a media user (internet, applications, etc.), at the time of consultation of content or online publicity. This Cookie file allows the issuer to identify the terminal on which it is stored and to monitor activities of the media user, and to remember information, such as user preferences or information previously entered by the user in forms on the media, during the term of validity or storage of the Cookie. Some Cookies are essential for use of the media, others allow for optimisation and personalisation of content displayed, and others to display publicities.

Cookies do not allow for direct identification of a user, but identify a browser or terminal. Information pertaining to content consulted on a media are directly associated to a log in within the Cookie. When a user browses on a media, the log in is associated to pages visited, as well as more widely to the background on the media and interactions (number of clicks for instance): It is therefore possible to monitor browsing of a single user on the media.

Use of Cookies allows browsing data to be associated to the user profile regardless of the workstation used thanks to cookie exchange technologies implemented by partners who publish these Cookies, generally communication agencies or digital publicity service providers, so as the background of a user may be monitored regardless of the media or workstation used.


When you log in to our Website, we may be led to install four types of Cookies on your Terminal:

- Technical Cookies to make browsing possible on the website, guarantee security of the website and allow you to access various products and services on the website.

- Online payment security cookies to prevent payment fraud.

- Audience measurement cookies allowing us to draft frequentation statistics, to compare these with those of other sites and decide on actions (such as sending you an email)

- Publicity cookies allowing us, and third parties, to display publicities on the site and others adapted to your profile established by combination of data between your browsing habits and data from client databases of the Laboratoire Garancia and third parties.

- Sharing cookies allowing you to share content on our website with other people or to inform other people of your consultation or opinion concerning site content.


When you visit our Website for the first time and Laboratoire Garancia plans to install Cookies other than “technical Cookies”, we inform you that we use Cookies using an information banner at the top of the page. By continuing browsing on the Website when this banner is displayed, you agree to our use of Cookies. However, you may amend the cookies settings at any time (see the section entitled “Your Cookies choices”).

Below is further information concerning cookies and the way you can manage Cookies settings.

Term of storage and the consequence of blocking cookies

Type of cookies

Term of storage

Consequence of the blockage

Cookies required

Their lifetime is very short, generally lasting a session

Risk of no longer being able to access the website and/or website services

Personalisation cookies

Their lifetime is very short, generally lasting a session, several hours and at most a year

Lack of adaptation of presentation of the website with the display preferences of your workstation and storage of your login password and information in forms completed on the website

Analysis performance and audience measurement cookies

The lifetime of these Cookies for audience measurement does not exceed 13 months

No consequence on use of the website

Advertising cookies

The lifetime of these Cookies for audience measurement does not exceed 13 months in principle

No consequence on use of the website. However, deletion will not lead to adverts online being stopped. This will only lead to adverts which do not take into account your areas of interest

Sharing cookies

The lifetime of these sharing Cookies is determined by each social network but should not exceed 13 months

No consequences on use of the website. However, deactivating Cookies will prevent any interaction with the network(s) concerned


By using our website, you consent to the use of the aforementioned Cookies. You can, however, choose to deactivate Cookies at any time, in whole or in part.

You have various methods of managing cookies choices:

Cookies management tools

- The Cookies management tool used by Laboratoire Garancia allows you to understand and control the use of the majority of cookies that the Website uses when you consult and adjust preferences (refusal or acceptance)

- Concerning publicity Cookies, you can also log in to Youronlinechoices, proposed by digital publicity professionals within the European association EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and managed by France Interactive Advertising Bureau France.

Refusal to accept these publicity cookies has no impact on use of our website. However, refusing these will not stop publicity on our website or online. This will only lead to displaying a publicity which does not take account of your centres of interest.

Some cookies are not managed in the tool, and the way in which these can be deactivates is as follows:



Deactivation link

Audience measurement

Google Analytics

Internet link

Payment security


Express your choice by clicking the below buttons:


Clicking " no" prevents automated processing of your order (find out more)



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The choices made by your browsing software

Your browser may allow you to choose to deactivate Cookies, in whole or in part, either automatically or according to the issuer. You can also configure your browsing software so as you are offered whether or not you want to accept or refuse cookies (on a case by case basis or in whole).

We remind you that deactivation of all Cookies will prevent you from using our website under normal conditions, with the exception of basic functions.

- If you use Explorer : Click on Tools, then Internet Options. Under the general tab, Browsing History, click on Settings. Then click on Display files and select or Cookies that you want to deactivate. Then close the window which includes this list of Cookies and double click on OK to return to the Internet.

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”Technical” cookies

Technical cookies include cookies which are strictly necessary for browsing on the Website (such as session log in information) as well as Cookies for functions which allow you to access specific functions so as to recognise you, indicate that you visited a particular page and improve your browsing comfort and notably to:

- Store information pertaining to a form you completed on our Website (registration or access to your account) or products, services or information that you have selected on our Website (service subscribed, content of an order basket, etc.),

- To allow you to access reserved and staff areas on our Website such as your account, thanks to log in information or data you previously sent us,

- Implement security measures, for instance when you are asked to log in again to a content or service after a certain amount of time,

- Adapt the presentation of the website to the display preferences of your workstation (language used, display resolution).

You can object to use of this type of cookies and delete them by using the settings of your browser (see the section entitled The choices offered by your web browser), however you may no longer be able to access the site and/or services of the Website.

Payment security services

Cookies can help prevent online fraud (prevention of fraud of payment means, identity theft). Consequently, Laboratoire Garancia or its service providers acting on its behalf may store, subject to your rights and entitlements, tracers with a view to collecting information pertaining to the workstation allowing an order to be placed (notably the operating system used, the location of the machine, use of a proxy or otherwise). These “fingerprint” tracers associated with your Order information are used to validate your Order, payment method used and delivery method. This information may be sent to any third party authorised by law or service providers to prevent and detect fraud as appointed by LABORATOIRE GARANCIA solely to verify the identity of the buyer, the validity of the order, the payment method used and planned delivery.

However, in the event of refusing use of cookies for securing transactions, your order may not be validated automatically and will be reviewed manually. A proof of identity may be requested to validate your order.

For any question concerning these verifications or in the event of your account being blocked we invite you to contact Customer Service (see the section entitled How to contact us).

Audience measurement cookies

Audience measurement cookies allow for measurement of the audience for various content and sections on our website, so as to evaluate and better organise these and notably to:

- Established statistics and volumes of frequentation and use of various elements comprising our Website (section and contents visited, history) allowing us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services

- Adapt the presentation of our Website or publicity spaces to the display preferences of your workstation (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) During visits to our Website, in line with the hardware and software for visualisation or reading that your workstation includes.

Audience measurement Cookies are issued by us or our service providers. In addition to analysis of frequentation, they also allow, where applicable, for detection of browsing issues and consequently to improve the ergonomics of our services.

Frequentation analysis services used by the Website only produce and send our technical service providers approved statistics and frequentation volumes, with the exclusion of all individual information. These statistics are reconciled with frequentation statistics of other sites, as well as with your client data.

Consequently, we also use effectiveness measurement tools for our email campaigns, allowing us to initiate pertinent commercial initiatives in line with information collected (for example the issue of a new message or personalised offer).

You can choose to deactivate the use of statistical analysis cookies of your browsing data. To do so, consult the section entitled “Your Cookies choices”.

Publicity cookies


The use of publicity cookies allows us to determine the publicity content for promotion of products and/or services proposed on our website exclusively and likely to correspond to the centres of interest deduced from prior navigation of the workstation concerned, notably by:

- Counting the total number of publicities displayed by us on our advertising space, identify these publicities, their number of respective displays, the number of users having clicked on each publicity and, where applicable, the subsequent actions undertaken by these users on the pages to which these publicities lead,

- Adapting the publicity content of our Website and on the workstation by our publicity spaces as well as our offers, according to the browsing of your workstation on our Website, or third party websites, the purchases that you can make and/or in line with the location data (longitude and latitude) sent by your terminal (with your prior consent).

- Insofar as you have provided personal data, notably electronic contact data, at the time of registration, your Order or access to any of our services, to reconcile this data with browsing information so as to send you, for instance, electronic canvassing or to display on your workstation, within publicity space we issue, personalised publicity which is specifically designed to personally interest you;

- Send you electronic canvassing in line with your user profile.

How is information collected by Cookies publicities ?

Publicity cookies installed on the user workstation using tracing technologies (“Tracer”) provided by our partners which are inserted on pages visited or directly inserted by advertisers in publicities displayed on the Website.

This Tracer will automatically send partners information concerning the content of the page visited or the publicity installed on the page visited. This information is reconciled with the log in included in Cookies stored on your Workstation by partners.

How is this information reconciled ?

When you have an online account, a loyalty card, or you place an order, information collected using publicity Cookies on the Website or third party sites is reconciled and combined with that from use of your account or our products and services and allow us to draft your user profile which is used for targeted publicity and commercial canvassing.

Your profile is also populated with information from your interactions with our partners or other editors, clients and partners. Reconciliation is also undertaken using data collected offline and which is stored in our customer management tools or those managed by these commercial partners (communication agencies, audience measurement companies, targeted publicity service providers).

What is the interest of seeing publicities adapted to your browsing ?

Our objective is to present you with the most pertinent publicity possible. For this purpose, use of Cookies allows us to determine in real time which publicity to display on a Workstation, in line with recent browsing on one or more sites or applications.

Your interest for publicity content displayed on your Workstation when you consult a Website often determines the publicity resources of this allowing it to use the services often provided to users free of charge. This allows us, as well as third parties, to display publicities which correspond to what interests you rather than publicities which have no interest for you.

Sharing cookies

Our website includes cookies for links towards Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other similar social networks, which allow you to share content from our site with other people or to notify these other people of what you consulted or your opinion concerning content on the site. These Cookies are directly stored by these social networks such as, notably, the case of the “share”, “like” buttons, from “Facebook” or “Instagram”. Any social network providing such a button is likely to identify you, even if you have not used it during consultation of the website. This type of button allows the social network concerned to monitor your browsing on our Website, solely thanks to the fact that your account with the social network concerned was activated on your Workstation (open session) during your browsing on the website We have no control over the process used by social networks to collect information pertaining to your browsing on our Website and associated to personal data they hold.

If you are connected to the social network during browsing on our website, the share buttons allow consulted content to be linked to your user account.

We invite you to consult the privacy protection policies of these social networks so as to be aware of the purposes of use, notably publicities, of browsing information which they may collect thanks to these buttons.