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Our new Mysterious range: more premium, more eco-responsible, more magical !

It's already been 15 years ! Our global anti-ageing range had captivated the French cosmetic industry thanks to a mysterious active ingredient: synthetic snake venom peptide. For its crystal wedding anniversary, the youth ritual is reinvented thanks to new, more eco-responsible packs, and an unchanged formula that is as sensorial and effective as ever !

A range adapted from the first signs of ageing

Every day, the skin is weakened by many factors of daily life such as pollution, the sun or screens.

From the age of 30 onwards, the skin undergoes changes and the signs of ageing appear: dryness, appearance of wrinkles, loss of firmness... The desire to give the skin a second youthfulness then becomes the number one concern.

Our global anti-ageing ritual helps to plump and strengthen the skin tissue while reducing the appearance of the different types of wrinkles (age, expression and dehydration).

Cleansed and concentrated key ingredients :

  •  Synthetic snake venom peptide PATENTED, with relaxing power to improve collagen quality
    It all began in Switzerland, when pharmaceutical researchers analysed the way in which snakes capture their prey, paralysing them with their venom. This technique was reproduced to act on the contractions of the face and smooth wrinkles.

    Hyaluronic acid with hydrating and plumping power. It is necessary to transport water in our cells, but decreases with age.

Une formule naturelle et ultra sensorielle

Let yourself be enchanted by this range made up of up to 98% natural ingredients, drawn from the best of nature: traditional botanical active ingredients combined with high-tech active ingredients. Then enjoy the softness of the silk gel in your serum and the transforming texture of your day and night care. Its light scents will take you to a wonderful world, awakening your senses..

An even more responsible metamorphosis

For more than 10 years, Laboratoire Garancia has been committed to the continuous improvement of its products to make them more eco-friendly and to design formulas that are as clean, natural, sensory and effective as ever.

Today, it's the turn of the mysterious range to be clothed in new glass bottles and jars that can be recycled and reused over and over again, always accompanied by a cardboard box made from sustainably managed forests. In addition to this beautiful coat, our flagship actives are sourced in a more sustainable way to minimise the impact on the environment!

A complete anti-ageing ritual for a boost in effectiveness

1 - I plump up with Mystérieux Repulpant Serum for a lifting effect from 30 minutes(1) by applying it twice a day to the entire face and eyes.

2 - I lift with Mystérieux Mille et Un Jours Emulsion (combination to oily skin) or Day Cream (balanced to dry skin) to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 20%(2) I apply it in the morning after my Mystérieux Repulpant Serum by massaging it into my skin, I count to 5 and then I repeat the message. The metamorphosis takes place!

3 - I regenerate in the evening with Mystérieuses Mille et Une Nuits Night Cream to firm the skin by +15%(3).

Don't wait any longer to treat yourself to smoother, plumper and hydrated skin all year round with our global anti-ageing ritual!


Photo postée par une influenceuse de la gamme Mystérieuse Nouveau Pack en verre recyclé anti-âge global du Laboratoire Garancia



Make your Mystérieuse anti-ageing routine part of your New Year's beauty resolutions! To find out more, read our article "Our beauty resolutions for the new year".

(1)Instrumental clinical test, 22 subjects, 1 app. (2)Active test: Snake venom peptide versus placebo, 30 subjects, 28 days, 2 app/day. (3)Clinical test on hyaluronic acid - 12 subjects, 28 days.