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INNOVATION: [ L'Appel de la Forêt ] to boost the radiance and youthfulness of your skin !

For the well-being of your skin, Savéria Coste has put the forest in a bottle, so L'Appel de la Forêt comes to the rescue of dull skin ! 

Dull complexion: what are the factors of lack of radiance of the skin ? 

At home, on the street or at work our skin is constantly exposed to environmental or digital pollution, stress and many other exposome factors that can oxidise your skin and therefore hold your complexion.

What is digital pollution ?

From the age of 25, premature skin ageing begins. This is partly due to three major factors: smoking, UV and blue light! With the omnipresence of screens, our lifestyle is increasingly digital. The time spent behind our screens is therefore more consequential, which leads to overexposure of the skin to blue light.

What are the consequences of blue light on our complexion ?

In the case of regular and prolonged exposure, the blue rays are able to penetrate the skin barrier in depth and induce cellular stress responsible for skin oxidation. As a result of this overexposure, the integrity and functioning of our cells' proteins are altered. This final stage is called protein carbonylation, in other words, it is the molecular obsolescence of proteins. This accelerates the ageing process of the skin. Fine lines, loss of elasticity, lack of radiance and a dull complexion appear! This is the skin burn-out ! 

[ L'Appel de la Forêt ], a high-tech potion that brings to the skin all the precious benefits that the forests have to offer

Laboratoire Garancia innovates with a brand new double phase serum* with super powers...

Discover [ L'APPEL DE LA FORET ], the 1st double phase serum* BOOSTER of Radiance & Youth.

*At Garancia 

A natural & effective formula

At the heart of its formula, the NATURALGLOWSKIN.X6 complex brings together all the treasures of the forest: a concentrate of 2 high-tech active ingredients:

- Hyaluronic acids: which help moisturise and plump up the different layers of the epidermis

- cheekbone youth peptide: which reduces the muscle contraction responsible for wrinkles and boosts collagen synthesis

And 4 plant and superfruit extracts from biotechnology:

- Artemisia Capillaris flower extract: powerful anti-oxidant that stops the carbonylation of proteins and boosts the anti-oxidant power of vitamin C

- Kakadu plum extract: boosts the assimilation of vitamin C in the epidermis to boost the skin's radiance

- Bakuchiol extract: powerful anti-oxidant, reduces skin roughness and wrinkles.

- Carrot extract: a protective shield against blue light, enhances the complexion for a healthy glow.

Our formula is rated EXCELLENT on product scan applications!

Curious to discover our formula at a low price? Try the 8 mL discovery format which covers about 15 days of care.


A natural Vitamin C booster serum

Thanks to its high-tech formula made up of 99% natural ingredients, [ L'APPEL de la FORÊT ] will contribute to the skin's radiance and youthfulness by boosting the assimilation of vitamin C and increasing the anti-oxidant power of the vitamin C already absorbed. It will also smooth the skin, lift the cheekbones, protect and shield, like a shield, against urban and digital pollution.


A sensory texture...

[ L'Appel de la Forêt ] is a sensory dual phase serum. When you shake the bottle, the essence mixes with the dry oil to create a light, non-greasy texture. A pleasure for the skin, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The serum is formulated without fragrance. 

A call to responsibility

Beyond its effectiveness, the serum [ L'APPEL de la FORÊT ] has been developed in an eco-responsible way, thanks to an ecologically and socially responsible supply :

- the key active ingredients

- the case from sustainably managed and recyclable forests

- the recyclable glass bottle

Garancia is associated with the Tree Nation association Garancia is committed to 1 product purchased = 1 tree planted


Your Garancia radiance & youth ritual

For best results, use Garancia's complete radiance ritual:

- First, apply the [ Pschitt Magique ] micropeel, which gently cleanses, enhances and illuminates your skin's texture.

- Next, apply our new serum [ L'APPEL de la FORÊT ], which will boost the radiance and youthfulness of your skin.

- Finally, to moisturize your skin and eye area, you can apply our [ Diabolique Tomate ] and our [ Larmes de Fantôme ].

Will you succumb to its enchanting call?