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Which day cream for oily skin ?

Which day cream for oily skin ?

When you have oily skin, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right routine for you and especially the right day cream for oily skin. More often than not, the skin tends to be shiny and sometimes creates a few pimples. This can lead to a lack of uniformity and make make-up difficult to apply. Fortunately, there are skin care products adapted to combination or oily skin!

The benefits of day creams

Day cream is a classic skin care product and even a must-have. Indeed, even those who want to reduce their routine to a minimum of products will opt for a day cream. It is applied after cleansing, serum and eye contour, but before make-up.

Day cream provides many benefits to the skin, the first of which is of course hydration. Whether it's a spring, summer, autumn or winter beauty routine, moisturising is always a must! What's more, the day cream can be enriched with anti-wrinkle ingredients. You can also choose a mattifying cream. There are also formulations dedicated to creating a barrier against pollution for example.

What is oily skin ?

Oily skin is skin that produces excess sebum, which can make it shiny. The skin texture is also rather irregular and the pores are dilated. Teenagers and young adults in particular can be affected by oily skin, but it can occur at other ages.

There is a reason why the face produces so much sebum, and it is a sign of a real lack of hydration. It is therefore recommended to use suitable skin care products and in particular a day cream for oily skin. It will provide the desired level of hydration without suffocating the skin, but will also protect the skin throughout the day.

Which day cream for oily skin ?

The day cream for oily skin should moisturise the skin without over-nourishing it in order to help it regulate itself and gradually become less shiny. The matifying cream is a day cream for oily skin. It contains ingredients that will give a matte effect to limit the shiny appearance of the skin.

At the Garancia Laboratory, the ideal day cream for oily skin can be :

La Perle du Marabout: a rebalancing evanescent gel that is both matifying and moisturising

Le Chardon et le Marabout: a repairing, anti-ageing, mattifying and complexion perfecting BB cream

The primary objective of this cream is to moisturise the skin without suffocating it. It helps the skin to regain a form of balance and therefore regulate its sebum production.

What routine for this skin type ?
Obviously, a complete routine in addition to the day cream for oily skin must be implemented with :

A facial cleansing in the morning and evening with, for example, our grain-free micro peeling Pschitt Magique or only in the evening with the cleansing paste Sulfureuse Pâte du Marabout
A serum adapted to your skin type to be applied morning and evening with for example L'Élixir du Marabout
A moisturising cream for oily skin to be applied morning and evening such as La Perle du Marabout or Le Chardon et le Marabout
The use of a mask once a week with the Purifying Witches' Masquerade Ball is also recommended
To complete the process, you can use local solutions during the day such as matifying sheets that will absorb excess sebum. You can also opt for the S.O.S Imperfections Zone-T Roll-on, MarabouT, which immediately matifies the skin and eliminates blackheads.