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How to remove brown spots from the face ?

They are wrongly called age spots. However, they can occur at any age and it can sometimes be difficult to get rid of them. Brown spots on the skin are indeed present in many people and their appearance can have several causes.

So what are brown spots on the face? How do they appear? What are the possible treatments to get rid of them? We explain it all to you!

What are brown spots on the face ?

Brown spots are spots on the skin that are also called age spots or melasma. In fact, they are not systematically due to skin ageing. Rather, they are lesions of the skin caused by various factors. They are characterised by small or larger spots on the skin. They can be found on the face, but also on the neck, chest, back and hands, for example.

Brown spots on the face are generally not dangerous to health. However, they can be mistaken for melanoma, which is why it is important to have brown spots on the skin examined by a health professional such as a dermatologist. In the case of brown spots on the face or body, there is no specific treatment to put in place unless they pose a problem from an aesthetic point of view. However, there are solutions that can reduce brown spots on the skin.

What causes these hyperpigmentation marks ?

Brown spots on the face are the result of hyperpigmentation, i.e. an overproduction of melanin. Most often, they appear in people over the age of 40. However, younger people can also have brown spots on their face, especially those who have been exposed to the sun a lot.

The sun as the primary cause

Brown spots on the face can have several causes, but the sun is the first to be considered for this overproduction of melanin. Indeed, it seems that after several years of exposure without protection such as a sun cream, melanin concentrates on certain areas of the skin, which results in hyperpigmentation of certain parts and therefore spots. The brown spots on the face are then permanently presented.

The sun is therefore one of the main causes of brown spots on the skin, but there are other explanations for the appearance of these spots.

It is also important to note that the use of certain photosensitising products will promote the appearance of brown spots on the skin. A treatment that makes the skin more sensitive to the sun, combined with long exposure to the sun, can therefore cause this type of problem more frequently.

Acne scars
Acne scars can also be a cause of brown spots on the face. Indeed, the presence of pimples will leave some people with scars that appear as pigmented spots. This can be easily seen when a darker spot remains on the face after a pimple. These brown spots on the face tend to go away more easily than melasma, but they do require appropriate treatment if they are to disappear.

The pregnancy mask

Finally, we can also mention the mask of pregnancy which can have difficulty in disappearing and leave spots on the face. The hormonal disturbances linked to pregnancy can make the skin all the more sensitive to the sun, which increases the synthesis of melanin and creates spots on the forehead, around the eyes, on the cheeks or even above the mouth. Generally, this happens from the 4th month onwards, but not all women experience this type of problem during their pregnancy.

What can be done to prevent brown spots on the face ?

Rather than looking for an anti-brown spot cream in a hurry, it is better to opt for prevention in order to limit their appearance. Indeed, brown spots on the face are known to be very difficult to get rid of, which is why it is better to multiply prevention actions.

The use of a good sun cream is essential in summer, but also throughout the year if you are particularly exposed. During the hottest seasons, people should avoid exposure before 4pm (when the sun is at its highest and its light is most damaging to the skin). It is therefore preferable to use a good sunscreen or simply to stay in the shade as much as possible. The skin is thus less exposed to UV rays, which avoids stimulating the production of pigment, i.e. melanin, which may eventually lead to brown spots. Moreover, this advice also applies if you want to limit the appearance of wrinkles.

Furthermore, if you suffer from acne, you should avoid touching your pimples at all costs. This can lead to infection, which will affect the healing process and therefore leave a mark. Instead, use skin care and beauty products adapted to your skin type to help the pimple disappear and heal.

How to remove brown spots ?

As we have said, brown spots on the face are caused by an excess of pigment due to an overproduction of melanin. If they are difficult to remove, there are solutions to remedy them and thus regain a more uniform skin.

Cosmetic solutions
There are many cosmetic solutions to combat brown spots on the skin. You can of course opt for an anti-brown spot cream to make the complexion more even, but there are also serums, masks and peelings for example. The vast majority of these products will help the skin regenerate to eliminate brown spots. If an anti-brown spot cream is rarely miraculous, combined with a dedicated routine, it can really help to attenuate them and reunify the complexion.

Laser treatment

Today, it is also possible to use lasers as a solution to fight against brown spots. The laser will in fact target the brown spot and make it disappear thanks to its action. It is of course advisable to find out more about this method to ensure that it is suitable for your needs and that it is safe.

Dermatological treatment

It is also possible to consult a dermatologist if you have skin pigmentation problems. The latter will be able to observe the spots and ensure that it is not a melanoma, but also potentially suggest the use of certain products dedicated to reducing the spots.

Our selection of Laboratoire Garancia products

At Laboratoire Garancia, we offer various products that may have an anti-spot action for the face. There is for example:

L'Eclair de Lune l'Absolu :
a dual-phase anti-spot serum that is both corrective and preventive. The first results can be seen after 5 days of use.
L'Eclair de Lune: an anti-spot concentrate for the hands and face
Of course, the use of these two products can be complemented by an exfoliant such as Pschitt Magique micropeeling and a BB cream such as Le Chardon and Le Marabout in order to hide existing spots.