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5 unexpected ways to use your mist [ Aqua Rêves-Tu ]

A true "must-have" for instantly refreshed skin all summer long, the mist can be used without moderation.
Discover [ Aqua Rêves-Tu ? ], the mineral-rich mermaid ocean mist from Laboratoire Garancia.
Although this magical formula has many powers of its own, did you know that it also has unsuspected functions?

Discover 5 unusual ways to use your mist that you won't be able to live without...

1/ Decongest your eyes!

Get rid of puffy eyes in the morning in one simple step. Place in the fridge, spray a few sprays of your mist on 2 cotton pads and leave them on your eyelids for a few moments... Abracadabra !

2/ Perfect your make-up removal and facilitate the penetration of your creams!

What could be better than combining the benefits of your skin care routine with those of your mist? Nothing could be simpler: spray a few times with the mist just after removing your make-up and apply your cream while your skin is still damp. This makes it easier for it to penetrate and the results are even better!


3/ Redefine your curls!

Curly hair sometimes lacks bounce and it's not always possible to shampoo it. With your mist, give it a boost by misting a veil of water over your hair and then redefining the curls with your finger.

4/ Intensifying the colour of an eyeshadow!


Place a fine mist on your brush and then pick up your eyeshadow. Slightly moistened, the colour will be more intense and your eyes will be more beautiful!

5/ Magnify your make-up!

Once your make-up application is complete, spray a few sprays of mist 30 centimetres away from your face. By spraying at the right distance and in the right amount, your mist will fix your make-up for a long time, word of mouth!