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What is "clean beauty"?

Clean beauty... what is it?

There is no exact definition yet and everyone has their own interpretation.
On the whole, clean beauty aims to reassure consumers by meeting their expectations: "clean" products, natural, minimalist, without controversial ingredients...

The causes ?

The increase in sensitive skin due to pollution or stress is not unrelated to this change. Consumers are looking for are looking for products with the best possible tolerance for their reactive skin.
At the same time, an anxiety-inducing context, following revelations about the use of controversial ingredients in beauty products, is leading to a loss of consumer confidence in brands!

They now need strong reassurances which will involve

- An improvement of formulas without dubious ingredients
- Transparency on the composition and manufacture of products
- Validation by independent bodies such as applications

So, if we all remember our mother looking carefully at the prices of her purchases in the supermarket, today consumers are deciphering the list of ingredients - a new habit that supports the rise of clean beauty.

    What about efficiency ?

    Effectiveness remains the number one criterion in the choice of a cosmetic product. A formula made of 100% water is clean but not at all effective! It is necessary to take a step back and consider the choice of ingredients, their quality, the synergy of the actions of the active ingredients present in the formula and of course the dosage at which they are used.

    The beauty clean... YES, but without forgetting the effectiveness not evaluated by the scan applications !