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Artificial Intelligence AI for your skin

Artificial Intelligence AI for your skin
Not sure which skin care product(s) to choose?
Perform your GarancIA skin diagnosis in 3 minutes and receive your beauty prescription composed of a customized skin care routine, adapted
to your skin's needs.
Ready to unravel the mysteries of your skin?


The need for an adapted and customized skin care routine

Each skin is unique due to its nature and the elements to which it is exposed.
Did you know that only 20% of skin aging is linked to genetics? 80% of skin aging is linked to our lifestyle, we talk about Exposome. Pollution, UV, blue light, air quality, tobacco, stress, lack of sleep... all these factors have a direct effect on our skin.
It therefore has specific needs and requires adapted care that can vary over time!

Discover the GarancIA skin diagnosis. It will analyze your skin type and integrate your exposome in order to identify the strengths and problems to be treated.
Then our magic wand comes into play: a unique algorithm, the result of many years of research and based on artificial intelligence, to offer you THE unique, exclusive skincare routine that is perfectly adapted to your skin, your desires and your pace of life.

Our magical exclusivity!

Strips available in your orders and during events in pharmacies and parapharmacies, allow you to complete and refine your diagnosis by identifying the level of hydration and sebum of your skin!

Your customized diagnosis in only 4 steps:

1/ Answer our questions

2/ Take a picture of yourself

3/ Discover the matrix of your skin

4/ Get your beauty prescription

A personalized support

Discover your personalized results and the health score of your skin thanks to the details of our different measures: Radiance, evenness of the complexion, dark circles, shine, imperfections...

Your beauty prescription is available immediately, advising you on the routine best suited to your needs: clean, sensorial products that are so effective they're magical!

For an optimal beauty prescription, you will find magic strips in your orders placed on our website. These strips allow you to refine your skin diagnosis by identifying your skin's moisture and sebum levels.  


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