Garancia's beauty routine for spring

It is important to take care of yourself every day, and to adapt your beauty routine to the season and the weather. Today, we invite you to carry out your spring beauty routine with us, to discover the essential gestures not to be missed and to start your day with a hydrated and protected skin.

1- First beauty gestures to apply as soon as you wake up to be in a good mood

7:30 a.m.: Wake up gently and think about the positive activities of the day: your work, your colleagues, your children, your meals or your beauty treatments! This will help you start your day on the right foot, with a positive and motivated state of mind.

Get up quietly, open your curtains to let the light in and drink a large glass of water. This gesture, in addition to giving you energy, contributes to the beauty of your skin. In fact, it eliminates toxins from your body.

2- It's time to start your beauty routine with a cleanser

7:35 am : Jump into the shower to energize yourself! When you get out of the shower, cleanse your face with the Micropeeling [ Magic Face Pschitt ] to give your skin a "new skin" effect(1) in 30 seconds. This magical cleanser will leave your skin finer, smoother, younger, brighter and perfectly cleansed. It's the perfect product to start your morning beauty routine with clean skin! Apply to dry skin.


3- A body treatment for a more beautiful skin

Crème amincissante et anti-cellulite Fée-Moi Fondre Boostée du Laboratoire Garancia

7:45 am: Apply your slimming care [ Fée-Moi Fondre Boostée ] with multi-actions: Slimming + Anti-Cellulite + Firming + Draining. Its texture penetrates instantly while beautifying your skin. No need for massage: its effectiveness has been proven, the skin is more beautiful!

Apply it to dry skin, shake vigorously and then press the bottle upside down! The texture crackles under your fingers.


Crème 3 en 1 formule ensorcelante du laboratoire garancia

Apply your body cream [ Ensorcelante Anti-Croco Skin Formula ] for an immediate 3-in-1 effect. This magical cream will firm your skin, exfoliate it without grain and without rinsing, nourish and moisturize it for 24 hours. It leaves a non-greasy second skin film that will penetrate immediately. You can get dressed immediately afterwards!

4- Give your cleansed face a glowing complexion

 Spray your skin with [ Aqua Rêves-Tu ? ] illuminating mist with moisturizing, soothing, detoxifying, rebalancing and collagen boosting properties. This mineral-rich water will make your skin 100%(1) more beautiful, more luminous and less dull!

Shake, close your eyes and spray after cleansing your skin with the Magic Pschitt micro-peel. This product is ideal to complete your anti-spot or anti-imperfection routine. Our beauty tip for the arrival of spring: carry it in your bag to give your face a boost during the day!

5- Switch to your dual phase corrective and preventive serum

Apply your double phase anti-spot, corrective and preventive serum [ Eclair de Lune L'Absolu ]. This treatment helps to even out the complexion, diminish all spots (age, sun, pregnancy) and leaves your skin brighter and smoother.

Apply it to the entire face, neck and décolleté, paying particular attention to the spots for maximum effectiveness. We recommend applying a sunscreen afterwards in case of exposure to the sun's UV rays.

6- Instant healthy glow !

 Moisturize your skin with the 24-hour moisturizing cream [ Diabolique Tomate Crème d'Eau ]. It is a real beauty care composed of ultra moisturizing, anti-aging and healthy glow active ingredients whose light texture, naturally colored, turns into water at the first tap of your finger. Ideal for normal to combination skin. A perfect treatment for the spring season!

Apply it after your serum [ Eclair de Lune L'Absolu ].
For a rich cream texture, more suitable for dry skin, choose [ Diabolique Tomate Enrichie ].


7- Finish your beauty routine with an eye contour that does it all

To complete your beauty routine, apply the multi-action eye and eyelid roll-on [ Larmes de Fantôme ] with anti-dark circle, anti-puffiness, anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging active ingredients. It is the perfect remedy for tired eyes: a moisturizing product with ultra-fast results that will firm up the fragile eye area.

Massage the ball into the eye area and eyelids, then tap.
Its incredible texture disappears upon application to diminish the color of dark circles and instantly brighten the eyes.

Now you can enjoy the arrival of summer with clean, moisturized and glowing skin thanks to this spring beauty routine!

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(1) Clinical test under dermatological control - 22 subjects.
(2)Clinical test - 22 subjects - after 1 app.

Image Pschitt Magique : claire_b
Image Fairy Me Melt Boosted : diane_ptr
Image Bewitching Formula : happy lobster
Image Aqua Rêves-Tu ? : I_and_cie
Image Moonlight Absolute : candy.b
Image Diabolique Tomate Crème d'Eau : danamouyon
Image Ghost Tears : _audreycm