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The war of the buttons has sounded !

After enjoying beautiful skin this summer, you notice a return of acne in the fall? This is the famous "rebound effect".

Add to that the wearing of a mask, which also plays a role in the appearance of imperfections... In fact, this phenomenon called "Mascné", which results from friction, humidity and the lack of ventilation under our mask, makes our skin a breeding ground for bacteria and therefore for skin breakouts. In order to limit their appearance, remember to adapt your beauty routine!

Discover our fairies' advice for a clear skin in one stroke of the magic wand!

But first...

Why do pimples pop up after sun exposure?

During sun exposure, the skin dries out and the epidermis thickens to protect the skin from UV rays. This skin reaction acts as a barrier to the appearance of new blemishes, but after the vacations...back to reality. The skin thins out and excess sebum reappears: pimples come back with a vengeance! Other internal and external factors also play a role in the quality of our skin, such as pollution, stress, hormones or wearing a mask.

How to limit the appearance of new imperfections?

1/ Deeply cleanse the skin (without drying it out)

If you had to remember only one tip, it would be this one! Regardless of the season, your skin is attacked daily by various environmental factors (sun, chlorine, pollution, dust, tobacco, cold, blue light, etc.). Added to this is the wearing of masks, which encourages excess sebum and therefore the appearance of pimples, hence the need to clean it well!

Cleansing the skin, morning and evening, is therefore an essential step in preserving it, as it helps rid it of impurities, sebum and makeup residue. However, be careful not to use products that could further damage your skin. When you return from vacation, choose products with soothing and purifying properties with gentle, soap-free formulas that respect your skin's hydrolipidic film.

Our fairies' advice:

The Purifying, Cleansing, Anti-Imperfection Paste, [ Sulfurous Paste of the Marabout ], ideal for mixed to oily skin. Its exclusive combination of Sulfur, 4 botanical extracts and a patented zincique active ingredient will tighten the pores, purify and detoxify the skin from the 1st use.

2/ Exfoliate

Contrary to what we might think, exfoliation (or scrubbing) does not make the tan disappear! Indeed, tanning acts on the deep layers of the skin, while exfoliation acts on the surface of the skin. So there is no risk of seeing your pretty golden skin disappear, on the contrary... exfoliation can be beneficial! Indeed, by eliminating your dead cells, exfoliation prevents you from peeling, it evens out your tan and enhances it, but it also frees your pores by preventing the formation of new pimples!

Our fairies' advice:

The range of micropeeling without grain or fruit acid, with biological action [ Pschitt Magique® ]. Composed of a version for the Face and a version for the Body, its soft foam cloud will eliminate your dead cells in 30 seconds. The results? Your skin texture is perfectly cleansed and looks finer, smoother and more radiant.

3/ Moisturize daily (whatever your skin type!)

Moisturizing your skin is not just for dry or very dry skin, quite the contrary. When you return from vacation, your skin, which has been exposed to the sun for a long time, lacks moisture, which creates an imbalance in it. In fact, insufficiently moisturized skin secretes twice as much sebum to compensate for its own dehydration; this leads to shine, pimples and blackheads resulting from this overproduction. On the other hand, a well-moisturized skin allows to regulate the production of sebum, even to decrease it, and consequently to reduce the appearance of imperfections.

Our fairies' advice:

The [ Aqua Rêves-Tu ? ] skin illuminating mist that moisturizes, soothes, detoxifies, rebalances and boosts collagen production thanks to its mineral-rich formula. Spray on your skin before applying your moisturizer to reinforce its benefits.

The [ Diabolique ] range of moisturizers is designed for each skin type. Choose light textures for combination to oily skin and richer textures for dry to very dry skin. In addition to their moisturizing action, the skin care products in the range offer additional benefits (goodness, plumping, energizing, anti-pollution, prebiotic, etc.) making them truly magical formulas!

The evanescent, rebalancing jelly [ La Perle du Marabout ] which acts on both the skin's hydration and matte finish thanks to its formula derived from the sea bed. Ideal for mixed to oily skin, its formula helps them to find the balance between their quantity of water (too low) and sebum (in excess).

And afterwards?
If your imperfections are still too present, don't hesitate to treat your small pimples locally to make them disappear. With our concentrated serum [ L'Elixir du Marabout ], put a spell on your imperfections and visibly improve the quality of your skin after 7 days. Also, if you suffer from excessive shine, responsible for the appearance of pimples and/or blackheads, and located mainly on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), use our S.O.S imperfections roll-on [ Marabou-T ]. As soon as you apply it, you will notice a matifying effect on the entire T-zone. From 10 days, [ Marabou-T ] will prove to be a precious ally against oily skin, impurities, toxins...

Finally, learn to enhance your skin without overloading it with too much makeup. Indeed, by wanting to hide our small imperfections, we often tend to cover them and thus suffocate our skin; result: the skin does not oxygenate, the pores are blocked and create imperfections... Then prefer a BB cream, more or less tinted, which will know perfectly how to sublimate your skin while protecting it. With [ Le Chardon et le Marabout ], available in 2 shades, effectively reduce your imperfections while correcting them instantly! Its formula with Cicatrisone, like a real beauty balm, combines in a single gesture a repairing, anti-aging care and a "bare skin" makeup that merges with the skin tone and reveals the transparency of the complexion. Day after day, the skin is repaired, marks are reduced and the complexion is unified and matte!