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How to protect your skin from pollution ?

How to protect your skin from pollution ?

Everyday, the skin is subjected to several external aggressions that can have consequences on its health and beauty. This is particularly the case with pollution, which can be particularly aggressive, especially when you live in the city. Therefore, beauty care products will help to protect the skin from pollution and to take care of it over the long term.

What are the consequences of pollution on the skin? Why protect your skin from pollution? What to do? How to choose an anti-pollution product?

Why should you protect your skin from pollution ?

If pollution can have effects on our health in general, it also has consequences on the skin. In a polluted environment, it is the fine airborne particles that are deposited on the skin, which will eventually have a harmful effect on the skin. It may seem as if this phenomenon does not exist, but it does.

If you wipe a cotton pad on your skin without make-up at the end of a day in the city, it is not uncommon for the pad to contain dirt. These particles are not visible to the eye, but they do exist and have consequences for the skin.

What are the consequences of pollution on the skin ?

The consequences of pollution on the skin can be numerous. These include

Allergies and hypersensitivity of the skin

Clogged pores and therefore excessive sebum production; the presence of blemishes

A dull complexion with a lack of radiance

Aging of the skin

Therefore, protecting your skin from pollution becomes essential when you live in the city, but also in the countryside, as rural areas are also affected by pollution.

Why set up an adapted skin care routine?

A skincare routine will help protect the skin from pollution. An anti-pollution product creates a protective barrier for the skin. What's more, the ingredients found in a cream or beauty care product will provide their benefits depending on the active ingredients chosen.

Protecting your skin from pollution is therefore essential and it is a beauty routine that you should stick to in order to preserve your skin as it should be.

Which products should be used ?

There are several products to include in your beauty routine to protect your skin from pollution. The first is of course an effective cleanser that will allow you to clean your skin thoroughly and gently. It should be used in the morning and evening. At Laboratoire Garancia, we have created a product for this purpose:

The Magic Pschitt face, a micropeeling without grains or fruit acids
Aqua Rêves-tu mist, an anti-pollution product to be applied after cleansing and before the day cream
The second step is to apply a skin care product. Aqua Rêves-tu is particularly suitable for protecting the skin from pollution. It is also moisturising and can contain different active ingredients depending on the formulation chosen. You can also choose a cream formulated in this way, such as :

La Diabolique Glaçon (in jelly or cream), a moisturising, plumping, anti-fatigue, anti-pollution and prebiotic treatment
Diabolique Tomate, a treatment with active ingredients that moisturise for 24 hours, plump up and give a healthy glow
Le Chardon et le Marabout, a tinted BB cream that is repairing, anti-ageing, matifying and complexion perfecting
Mysterious thousand and one days....
You can of course complete this anti-pollution routine with a serum to be applied before your day cream and an eye contour cream if you want to take even better care of your skin on a daily basis. A mask can also be used from time to time, such as a Wizard's Masquerade Ball for example.