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Which eye contour to choose ?

The so-called eye contour cream has become an essential part of many people's beauty routine. Whether it's to fight dark circles, wrinkles, or simply to give the eyes a fresh look, it's essential to choose the right eye contour cream.

So what exactly is an eye contour cream? How to choose your eye contour cream? How to apply it with your daily skincare routine? We tell you everything!

What is an eye contour cream?

What we call an eye contour cream is a beauty product dedicated to an application around the eye. Generally, the area of application extends to dark circles and bags, the crow's feet area, the eyelids and even under the eyebrow. It is therefore a fragile area. As the name suggests, this treatment is only intended for this particular area. For the rest of the face, a different product must be applied.

Sometimes in the form of a cream or serum, there are also different needs to be targeted depending on the formula and this is one of the criteria for choosing an eye contour product.

What is the purpose of using an eye contour product?

If we recommend choosing an eye contour, it's because this skin care product meets specific expectations of the area around the eye, such as

Reducing puffiness and dark circles

Reducing signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines

Defatigating the eyes and restoring their radiance

Replenish the epidermis

Moisturise the eye area

Protect the area from aging

Choosing the right eye contour product will therefore allow you to respond to one or even several of these problems.

Choosing the right eye contour product

When choosing an eye contour product, the first thing to consider is the needs of your skin. Is it rather dehydrated? With dark circles that are too pronounced? Fine lines around the eyes? As with any other skin care product, it is according to the needs of your skin that you can choose the right product.

At Laboratoire Garancia, we've created Larmes de Fantôme. It is a multi-action roll-on that is anti-dark circle, anti-puffiness, anti-wrinkle, anti-sagging, moisturising and anti-fatigue. When applied, it reduces the colour of dark circles and instantly brightens the eyes.

How to apply it properly?

Once you have chosen the right product, you must integrate it into your daily beauty routine and apply it as required. Of course, you should follow the recommendations on the product. Most often, the eye cream is applied in the morning for the day and in the evening for the night. For a successful application, it is recommended to tap with the ring finger to make the product penetrate.

Depending on the texture, some products, especially those with a roll-on, can be placed in the refrigerator. The freshness of the roll-on will stimulate the blood circulation and make the eyes look more relaxed.

Start by applying the serum if you are used to applying one, then the moisturiser and finally the eye contour. You can go even further to enhance your eyes by adding a treatment that promotes lash growth. At Laboratoire Garancia, we have created Phoenix Tears. This treatment self-stimulates the growth and fortification of lashes. It therefore promotes growth and limits the fall for stronger, more numerous and longer lashes.

All that remains is to add your make-up if you wish. You can work on your eyes with concealer, eyeshadow, mascara or other products, depending on your desires!