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Artificial Intelligence to meet your skin's needs

Why use a skin diagnosis ?

Our skin, which is continually subjected to external aggressions (pollution, sun, blue light, tobacco...) evolves with the seasons, our environment (we talk about the Exposome), as well as our life and our moods. As a result, each skin is unique, with its own needs and, by extension, the need for adapted care that can vary over time.

A skin diagnosis from time to time is therefore the safest way to know your skin type and its current condition in order to choose the most appropriate care. Indeed, a treatment is never as effective as when it suits you perfectly!

However, it is often difficult to identify the problems encountered by our skin and it is not always easy to obtain an appointment with a professional. Brands are therefore being inventive and innovative in offering quick and effective solutions to analyse your skin as accurately as possible.

Each skin is unique and needs special care. However, it is often difficult to identify skin problems on your own, so it is best to go to a professional.

A diagnosis based on Artificial Intelligence

Many online skin diagnostics offer to answer different questions to establish your skin "profile". This is indeed a good basis, but it is not enough to decipher your real needs. Observing the visible features of the skin also provides valuable information on the problems to be treated.

The result of many years of research and based on artificial intelligence, Garancia's skin diagnosis combines questions with a unique algorithm that scans your skin to identify its strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to the answers you provide and a selfie of your face, the algorithm detects your skin's markers and analyses them to give you a health score and a personalised beauty prescription.