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Garancia's history and pillars

Savéria Coste, founder of Laboratoire Garancia et Doctor of Pharmacy

« My story is based on four generations of a pharmacists’ family, with a long tradition of passionate interest in dermocosmetics. According to my Corsicans origins, I am very attached to traditions and respect for nature, just like my formulations. As a pharmacist, I commit myself to healthy and effective, conscientious about our skin and therefore of our health. »

Our key dates

Notre histoire en vidéo

Our 4 fundamental pillars

Garancia, des formules clean et responsables

Clean & Responsible

For Humans :

- Healthy ingredients and minimalist, concentrated formulas;
 - 100% of the skincare products are well rated on apps;
- Positive social impact of several actives. 

For environment : 

- 100% of our cardboard comes from sustainably managed forests;
- 100% of our tubes contain recycled plastic;
- More sustainable sourcing of our flagship assets.

Discover our values


Results so fast that they become magical...
- Collaborations with researchers from all over the world;
- Patented and high-tech innovations;
- Numerous awards and prizes for the quality and effectiveness of our formulas (nearly 40 to date);
- Results objectivized by clinical studies.

Garancia, des formules efficaces
Garancia, des formules naturelles


The secret of GARANCIA beauty recipes is :
- Ingredients drawn from the best of nature: traditional botanical active ingredients (from "grandmothers' recipes" or "wizards' recipes") combined with high-tech active ingredients;
- Between 95% and 99% of ingredients of natural origin in most formulas. There is no magic without science. Garancia care products are the result of combining the best of science with the best of nature.


An olfactory and sensory signature...
- Amazing textures, evocative of dreams and emotions
- Bewitching light scents to take women on a journey to a wonderful universe that awakens all the senses and revives memories of our childhood.

 Did you know that it was recently discovered that there are olfactory receptors even in the epidermis?

Garancia, des formules sensorielles